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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat 6.0.26 with Java 6 update 20 on Sun Solaris 5.8 Sparc - Web application unable to execute properly
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2010 08:11:30 GMT
rahul wrote:
> Hello Friends
> A very strange findings for today! Found it only because I skipped the first "Launch"
page that used to launch a new window through Java Script. Now, the finding is - 
> 1. After the Launch, this would open a Home Page with the request URL - 
> http://<localhost>:5080/<URL>
> 2. Clicking on Search Work Order menu, it will request the URL:
> http://<localhost>:5080/<SearchListURL>
> 3. Now, interesting bit - On providing search crietria and clicking search, the request
is sent to - 
> http://<localhost>:8080/<SearchListURL>
> Now, why the third step is posting this to default 8080 port when clearly the server.xml
is configured to listen to HTTP requests on 5080 port.
> I tested this in Windows with 5080 listener port and it failed there too.
> Any hints?
I don't know about the rest of your problem, but if you click on a link /in the browser/,

and the browser sends a request to localhost:8080 as a result, then it means that /the 
html page which the browser has/ contains a link that points to port 8080.
So in your example above, it is the page returned by
which contains a link to port 8080.
It has nothing to do with what server.xml says about the ports the server is listening on.

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