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From Eric P <>
Subject Re: "Application" vars -
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2010 02:20:34 GMT

Forgive all potential newbness in my responses below.  I'm still learning this stuff.

Shay Rojansky wrote:
> Hi Eric.
> Would making your servlet reload all application vars not be akin to simply
> reloading your servlet altogether, by changing context/init params in your
> web.xml or context.xml?

Do you mean "reloading your 'application' altogether"?  If so wouldn't that cause disruption
to users currently on the 
app?  This disruption is what I'd like to avoid.

> If you really want to avoid an application reload, why not just have your
> app read its values from a properties config file instead of a DB? It would
> be much more lightweight and standard.

That's an idea.  But wouldn't file I/O every time a servlet needs an application value be
way more expensive than 
storing settings in a record, reading and setting them to the application scope once, and
only resetting these vars 
manually when needed?

Is this standard documented somewhere?

Thanks... I appreciate the ideas.

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