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From Leo Donahue - PLANDEVX <>
Subject RE: Multiple Tomcat Instances
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2010 23:46:49 GMT
>From: Christopher Schultz []
>Subject: Re: Multiple Tomcat Instances
>Hash: SHA1
>On 6/16/2010 1:31 PM, Leo Donahue - PLANDEVX wrote:
>> Tomcat zip dir:
>> C:\ApacheTomcat\apache-tomcat-6.0.26\bin
>> In here I created a setenv.bat that has the following: set
>That is going to be counter-productive, since any instance of Tomcat
>using CATALINA_HOME=C:\ApacheTomcat\apache-tomcat-6.0.26\bin will end up
>using CATALINA_BASE=%C:\Catalina_Base1%
>(BTW, %C:\Catalina_Base1% will give you the value of an environment
>variable, instead of the path C:\Catalina_Base1, right?)
>Instead, I might suggest using a script like
>@set CATALINA_BASE=C:\Catalina_Base1
>> C:\Catalina_Base1\conf
>> ** I copied the contents of \conf from C:\ApacheTomcat\apache-tomcat-
>> ** I changed the shutdown port to 8006, HTTP port to 8081, and AJP
>Port to 8010 in server.xml
>You can probably leave context.xml and web.xml in the original install
>without copying them. I would recommend your own server.xml (required),
> (if you want something other than the default) and,
>if necessary, catalina.policy. Let the base Tomcat install take care of
>the other files.
>> Ok, so how do I get specify multiple CATALINA_BASE options in the
>setenv.bat in C:\ApacheTomcat\apache-tomcat-6.0.26\bin?
>You don't :) See above.
>Hope that helps,
>- -chris


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