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From Leo Donahue - PLANDEVX <>
Subject RE: Multiple Tomcat Instances
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2010 17:31:25 GMT
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Christopher Schultz []
>Subject: Re: Multiple Tomcat Instances
>No, you don't have to have one, but if it's there, Tomcat will prefer
>the more-specific library(ies) found in CATALINA_BASE/lib to those found
>> If I place copies(?) of bin, conf, logs, webapps, work and temp in my
>> $CATALINA_BASE directory, then how is that different from just
>> downloading multiple Tomcat zip files and naming them separately,
>> changing the startup/shutdown ports on each?
>If you copy everything, then there is no difference. It's more typical
>to only create conf/server.xml and a separate webapps directory for the
>separate instance. The 'work' and 'temp' directories (and "logs"? I
>haven't checked) will automatically be created for you. Run the scripts
>from CATALINA_HOME and they will use CATALINA_BASE to figure everything
>Something not yet mentioned that can be done when using CATALINA_BASE is
>that you can have separate versions of the JVM running the same version
>of Tomcat, if that's useful to you. For instance, in production, we run
>4 separate JVMs - one for each of our primary web applications. Some of
>those applications haven't yet been tested extensively under Java 6,
>yet, so we run them on Java 5 instead.
>> The only thing I'm gaining is only needing the two files in my
>> $CATALINA_BASE/bin instead of all the other files? What else? What was
>> the deciding factor to be able to run multiple Tomcat instances?
>If you use a minimal set of files in CATALINA_BASE, then upgrading
>multiple (separate) installations of Tomcat is easily done by simply
>installing a new version of Tomcat into a new directory and running the
>new startup script. You can even switch-back to the old version fairly
>easily: run the startup script from the old version instead. ;)
>- -chris

This is very helpful everyone.  This kind of stuff needs to be in a newsletter or something,
the part about using multiple jvms, and typical setups etc.

Tomcat zip dir:
In here I created a setenv.bat that has the following: set "CATALINA_BASE=%C:\Catalina_Base1%"

** \conf
** \logs	(automatically added when I ran C:\ApacheTomcat\apache-tomcat-6.0.26\bin\startup.bat)
** \webapps
** \work	(automatically added when I ran C:\ApacheTomcat\apache-tomcat-6.0.26\bin\startup.bat)

** I copied the contents of \conf from C:\ApacheTomcat\apache-tomcat-6.0.26\conf
** I changed the shutdown port to 8006, HTTP port to 8081, and AJP Port to 8010 in server.xml

** I edited the index.html to indicate I'm using the html file from Catalina_Base1

produces the edited index.html file from C:\Catalina_Base1\webapps\ROOT  Very cool by the

Ok, so how do I get specify multiple CATALINA_BASE options in the setenv.bat in C:\ApacheTomcat\apache-tomcat-6.0.26\bin

This doesn't work:  set "CATALINA_BASE=%C:\Catalina_Base1%;%C:\Catalina_Base2%;%C:\Catalina_Base3%"
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