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From David Fisher <>
Subject Re: Setting Up AJP Workers as a Failover
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2010 20:37:16 GMT
Hi Rainer,

Thank you for your reply - it really has helped out today in several ways.

>> I've got myself in a situation where I need a stopgap quick fix - until we can respond

It turns out I was overreacting and we have other better tools to fix the troubles - no need
to discuss as they are application specific.

>> I have the following workers file:
>> # define the worker list
>> worker.list=LoadBalancer
>> # Define the LB worker
>> worker.LoadBalancer.type=lb
>> worker.LoadBalancer.balance_workers=webprod1,webprod2
>> worker.LoadBalancer.sticky_session=1
>> # configure each worker
>> worker.webprod1.type=ajp13
>> worker.webprod1.port=8009
>> worker.webprod1.lbfactor=100
>> worker.webprod2.type=ajp13
>> worker.webprod2.port=8009
>> worker.webprod2.lbfactor=100
>> If I change the last line to "worker.webprod2.lbfactor=0" will webprod2 only be used
if webprod1 is disconnected or otherwise in an error state?
> No, value "0" ist not supported and will automatically be changed to "1".
> What about using activation=disabled?

This worked really well today when one of our new Sun 2270s ran into an OS bug and slowly
locked up. I just made the bad machine deactivated while we got support and applied the workaround.

> What are you trying to achieve?

I was thinking of "de-load-balancing" glad to re-think and abandon a silly notion.

> You should also look at the example configuration bundled with the 1.2.30 sources. It
contains nice suggestions about timeouts that your configuration is lacking.

This was extremely helpful -  we now plan is to build 1.2.30 from source and begin using it
very soon - we will likely use this well-annotated example for the basis of our configuration.

I knew I could count on the Tomcat Community.


>> My other choice is to turn off one of the server's Tomcat instance.
>> The real solution might take a day or two and that is to put back JSESSIONID - meanwhile
I'm looking at how to fix occasional strangeness for users. If someone has a way to force
JSESSIONID with a valve or filter that would be great.
>> Yes my jvmroutes are set.
> Regards,
> Rainer
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