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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: where to set value of ALLOW_EQUALS_IN_VALUE property
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2010 13:29:30 GMT
2010/6/4  <>:
> Dear Tomcat users,
> we use Tomcat 6.0.26, java version "1.6.0_12", and Debian 5.0.4 (tomcat
> comes from testing, also mod_jk/1.2.28 is from testing). I'd like to set
> option org.apache.tomcat.util.http.ServerCookie.ALLOW_EQUALS_IN_VALUE=true
> , but I do not know where to put it - my guess is the file named
> (based on similar entries I found on the web through
> google), on the other hand from the documentation of tomcat it looks like
> it is to be put into server.xml somehow (I do not know how,
> unfortunatelly..). Could you please help me?

There are two ways
b) CATALINA_OPTS environment variable (if using Tomcat *.bat/*.sh
files), using -Dname=value syntax

For Tomcat system properties either a) or b) usually works, though b)
is more robust and applies not only to Tomcat, but to the system-level
properties (java.*) as well.

The difference is that properties
in b) are applied by JVM before any classes are loaded, and the ones in
in a) are applied when Tomcat Bootstrap class starts and reads its
configuration, which occurs later in time

To set CATALINA_OPTS the recommended way is to create a bin/
(or .bat) file in your CATALINA_BASE directory.

There is also JAVA_OPTS environment variable, but those options apply
both to startup and shutdown of Tomcat, which is rarely needed.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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