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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: Help with Log Level in Tomcat 6 Logging
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2010 13:37:29 GMT
2010/6/17 Jonathan Jackson <>:
> The problem I have is that in my daily rolling catalina-[data].out I only
> get SEVERE level messages.
> Given the above configuration, my understanding from reading this (
> is that FINE for the
> FileHandler would log everything above ie. FINE,CONFIG,INFO,WARNING....But
> Im only getting SEVERE written to my daily rolling logfile.

The Tomcat JULI logging is an implementation of java.util.logging (aka
JUL), which  documentation is here,


To make a brief summary, there are two levels where log messages are filtered:
a) at the category (aka "logger") level

If level of a category (if not specified then its parent level is
taken) does not match the message, it will be rejected by the logging
system and will not be processed at all.

That is what these lines are for:

The categories form a hierarchy,  and the default level is specified by
.level= INFO

Note, that the "org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase.[Catalina].[localhost]"
category is for the messages logged through  Servlet.log()  API calls,
which I think is rare.

Usually applications use commons-logging calls and their category
names are different.  Thus the defaults (.level=INFO) apply to them.

There is no ".level= INFO" in Tomcat's because the
defaults are provided by JRE through its  But you
can always add such a line by yourself, e.g.

.level= FINEST
will cause a lot of messages being processed

b) when writing the message out (aka "handler") level

If handler level does not match the message, it will be skipped (but
may be printed by other handlers).

<categoryname>.handler  setting attaches handlers to a category.

I think you missed a).

By the way,
> .handlers =,
> java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler

I hope that those lines were wrapped by the mailing software. You
cannot wrap lines in a properties file like that (though you can if
you end previous line with '\'). see java.util.Properties JavaDoc.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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