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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Multiple Tomcat Instances
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2010 02:00:59 GMT
> From: Leo Donahue - PLANDEVX []
> Subject: Multiple Tomcat Instances
> As simple as that reads, I don't understand it.

Read the rest of that section of RUNNING.txt as well:

"When you use $CATALINA_BASE, Tomcat will calculate all relative references for
files in the following directories based on the value of $CATALINA_BASE instead
* bin  - Only (*nix), setenv.bat (windows) and tomcat-juli.jar
* conf - Server configuration files (including server.xml)
* logs - Log and output files
* webapps - Automatically loaded web applications
* work - Temporary working directories for web applications
* temp - Directory used by the JVM for temporary files ("

> I don't understand how this is different than a virtual host with 
> different appBase's.

Because in the multiple Tomcat instances scenario, each user gets a separate instance (hence
the name), which he or she may start, stop, crash, hang in a loop, or otherwise manipulate
without any impact to the other Tomcat instances.  When using multiple <Host> elements,
everyone is using the *same* Tomcat instance, so when one user messes up, all suffer.

> Is it saying that whoever has a user login on the server 
> can have their own Tomcat playground even though there is
> just one Tomcat installed?

It has nothing to do with user logins, just the individual CATALINA_BASE settings.  If you
choose to tie that to a login, fine, but that's not a requirement.

You seem to be confusing installation directories with running processes; do you think that
because there's only one Notepad installed, you can only run one at a time?

> So, if on Windows, you set a User environment variable of 
> CATALINA_BASE to something like C:\TomcatDevUser1  ... 
> that's it?

No, you have to set up the files under that directory as described in RUNNING.txt.

> Tomcat figures out the CATALINA_BASE variable depending 
> on who is logged in?

No, Tomcat uses whatever CATALINA_BASE is active when Tomcat is run via the startup.bat or
catalina.bat scripts.  Since each user has complete control over his/her environment variables,
he or she can set the variable to any value desired.

> Does C:\TomcatDevUser1 need a ROOT directory for their default webapp?


 - Chuck

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