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From "Baron, Bob (LNG-HBE)" <>
Subject RE: underscore in a hostname
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2010 18:53:58 GMT
I'd recommend just changing the name of the machine. I ran into this
problem years ago and ran into all kinds of nasty problems - I had an
issue open with Microsoft for over a month until an ACTUAL developer
tracked it down as the culprit. I've made sure that no machine I'd ever
have to interact with had an underscore again!

Not that it's always credible, but Wikipedia actually has a pretty good
summary in the 'Restrictions on valid host names' section. Read the
RFC's for more detail.


-----Original Message-----
From: Danny Gallagher [] 
Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2010 2:44 PM
Subject: underscore in a hostname

Tomcat 6.0
Windows XP

Installed tomcat, everything looks fine, I can run the manager

Then I try to deploy a war file that is a spring based sample

Getting an exception about an invalid character in my hostname.
My computer name does in fact have an underscore in it.

Did some poking around to try to find a way around this, not clear on
to do.

Am I better off just changing my computer name to something with no
Is there a tomcat configuration where I can change it to my IP or
I searched for my computer name in the conf directory and did not see
anywhere it was used.
Why did the manager application not complain about the same issue? Only
spring application.

Thanks for any nudge (or shove) in the right direction.

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