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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: spring-webmvc-portlet annotations: File "/WEB-INF/servlet/view" not found
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2010 14:08:51 GMT
Norris Shelton wrote:
> I have compared the configuration to multiple examples and it appears to be set-up correctly.
 There is another question similar to this with the exact problem, also on Tomcat/Vignette.
> Attached are the files, since the pasting earlier did not work.

I know nothing about portals, nor Vignette, nor spring or whatever, so the following is 
just a vague idea based on this portion of the logfile :

2010-06-28 16:08:32  DEBUG - Including resource [/WEB-INF/jsp/normal.jsp] in 
InternalResourceView 'normal' 
2010-06-28 16:08:32  ERROR - Could not complete request 
javax.portlet.PortletException: javax.servlet.ServletException: File 
"/WEB-INF/servlet/view" not found


I doubt (but I am not sure) that a logging module would wilfully HTML-escape real 
quotation marks in a message before printing it to the logfile.

To me it thus looks like some module is trying to "render" some html code, in the course 
of which it is supposed to read, and interpret the file /WEB-INF/jsp/normal.jsp.
In that file, it finds some kind of "include" instruction which should give it the 
(relative?) path of another file/thing to include here.
That file/thing path should be :
or maybe the same between quotation marks :

However, instead it finds :
which looks as if something already went through the page that contains this link 
(normal.jsp ?), and already HTML-escaped the surrounding quotation marks into
sequences, as if this was part of the html text of the page instead of an include instruction.

Of course, whatever is trying to open that to-include file/thing is never going to find 
it, because there is no file/thing starting with "&quot...." anywhere.

What does that include line look like, in the "normal.jsp" file ?

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