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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: connector configuration values - need help to review
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2010 22:24:43 GMT
Rumpa Giri wrote:
> We are currently using - 
> Tomcat - 5.5.25 on Windows XP 64bit and 32bit machines
> JDK 1.5
> IIS 6 
> Trying to upgrade to latest connector, after changing according to the
> documentation I am able to browse our application behind IIS.
> Locally the application is behaving fine with the following configuration.
> So far I have modified the files as follows - for production environment do
> the values look appropriate?
It will all depend on :
- how many requests do you expect to have to process in parallel ?
- how long does a request, on average, need in order to be processed by its respective 
Tomcat webapps ?

An example :
If your machines are short of memory, if you are never expecting to receive more than 10 
requests over a period of 10 seconds, from 10 different clients, and each request takes 5

seconds to handle, then there is not much point in configuring a connection_pool_size much

higher than 10, and a maxThreads much higher than that either (because any additional one

will never be used) (unless you have a very long keepAlive setting).

If you expect 10000 requests per second, and each request still takes 5 seconds, and you 
have plenty of RAM, and IIS and Tomcat run on separate machines, then the optimal 
configuration would be much different.

The advantage is that there are a lot of parameters that can be adjusted in function of a

particular situation; the inconvenient is that there are a lot of parameters that can be 

Try the default values, they are the default because they are reasonable for an average 
load.  Then come back with specific questions if you see a problem.

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