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From Pid <>
Subject Re: APR usage question regarding multi-core and mutliple virtual hosts...
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2010 19:57:49 GMT
On 28/06/2010 18:58, Tony Anecito wrote:
> Hi All,
> I noticed using Firefox with a plugin yslow that it recommends using only 4 virtual hosts
instead of the 16 I have for serving images. 

Does it give an explanation for why 4 is better than 16?

> I am using a 6 core system and want to make sure I take advantage of it using Apache
APR so I setup more than 4 virtual hosts.

You are serving static files?

> I am using multiple virtual hosts for serving images since I heard that can improve user
response time where they have browsers with 4 or more concurrent connections supported. I
have a screenshots page where I have 24 thumbnails being loaded into the browser and I am
trying to tune APR for the best user response time.

The multiple sub-domain/hosts trick is to get a browser to open multiple
connections to the target site - but it only works if the IP addresses
are different AFAIK.  (One should be able to determine that for certain
with a little monitoring.)

I'm not sure that multiple hosts will improve the performance of the
server itself it's designed to be multi-threaded.

> So any best practice for this you all would recommend?

CDN's are pretty cheap these days.  ;)


> Thanks,
> -Tony
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