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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: adding hosts to server.xml
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2010 20:35:12 GMT

Just send responses to the list, I get all messages to the list.
If you send it to me also, I get each one twice.
(In other words, just hit "reply", not "reply to all").

Below here, when asked to copy and paste the content of some files, really do it that way.
Do not send the files as attachments, this list often strips them.
Really paste their contents in your next message.

Also, remove all comments if possible, to make it shorter.

If the easy and quick explanations don't work, this will have to be systematic.
Please respond to all questions, it will be quicker and easier for both of us.

1) is this all on one same workstation, or do you have a separate server and a workstation

where you run the browser ?  If they are separate, provide the IP address of each.

2) if you open a command window (a "DOS window") on the workstation, and type :


what do you see ? (copy and paste it here)

3) make a copy of your Tomcat server.xml file.
In the copy, remove all the comments (any section between <!-- and the next --> ),
remove any passwords and real hostnames, copy the remainder and paste it here.

4) also copy and paste the contents of the files and here.

5) tell us exactly which version of Tomcat you have installed, and from which exact link 
you downloaded it.  A Tomcat version consists of 3 numbers, like 6.0.20.
The same for the isapi_redirector.

6) are you running Tomcat as a Windows Service, or from a command window entering 
"startup.bat" ?

7) you said you followed the documentation for the setup of the isapi redirector.  What 
was the URL of that page ?

Sorry for all this, just want to make sure we are talking about the same thing and get the

basics right.

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