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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: tomcat 6.0 404 error only on firefox due to backslashes?
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2010 17:19:31 GMT
mamalacation wrote:
> awarnier wrote:
>> No. But before you find a "solution" and create a big security issue, I 
>> suggest that from now on you check this with different browsers, and 
>> particularly different IE versions.
>> I think that the "fix" you found is really a kludge, in that it kind of 
>> works by making some pieces of software believe that this is an 
>> acceptable file name, while other pieces may see this as a file path.
>> But it seems *really* dangerous to me.
>> As pid indicated, you should fix the problem, not the symptom.
>> Or you will end up sorry, I am quite certain.
>> Fixing the URLs in this case means to replace the %5C's (escaped \) by 
>> escaped "/" characters, before you send the links to the browser.
> OK, now I understand what you mean by "fixing the URLs". The problem with
> this alternative, is that I have no access to the source code (which is
> huge, by the way), and I wish to solve this issue through the
> configuration-way (because I believe that the problem can be solved that
> way) and not the code-way . That is because on tomcat 5 there is no issue
> with the filenames, and hence I assumed that this should be the case with
> tomcat 6 too.
> On the other hand, you are right as far as security is concerned, and I
> wouldn't want to impose any security holes by using this "fix". 

The potential issue here is that if the filename comes from the server 
as "\windows\system32\some.dll", and the user just clicks on OK, and 
some buggy version of a browser just does it, you may get some very 
unhappy users.

I just
> assume that there should be a rational solution to my problem, without
> having to touch the sources and/or opening holes in my system.
That is not so sure.
I have not checked this (and it would require some work) but it is at 
least possible that this difference in behaviour between Tomcat 5.x and 
6.x is the result of a change made explicitly to avoid such a security 
issue.  In such a case, I would not expect that there would be any 
configuration possibility at the server level in Tomcat 6.x that would 
allow you to do something that is fundamentally incorrect.
It is also possible that this was a bug in Tomcat 5.x, and that this bug 
has been fixed in a later version of Tomcat 5.x, but not in the version 
you  are running on the old server.

The basic problem here seems to be at the application level, which 
creates invalid URL links to documents on the server. (At least I think 
they are invalid, and that even if the server is a Windows server, URLs 
pointing to server files should still have "/" as the path separator).
So you should first complain to the application developers, and ask them 
to fix their application.
I know that this is not necessarily easy, but asking the Tomcat 
developers to provide an option which /might/ create a security issue is 
not going to be any easier.

Otherwise, you /may/ still have a couple of options.
One of them would be this :
which may allow you to catch these URLs early, and flip their slashes 
before letting Tomcat try to serve the document.
But I do not know if it would see the original URL soon enough to avoid 
the Tomcat error.

If not, then you could try an Apache httpd with mod_rewrite, in front of 
your Tomcat.  But maybe Apache httpd also rejects these URLs early.

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