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From Otmar Manuela <>
Subject What is the difference between ${param.P} and <%= request.getParameter("P") %>?
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2010 18:06:15 GMT

I have a contact page, which contains a struts form.  However, on that 
page, when trying to read the URL parameters, I get a zero instead of 
the parameter value, unless I use <%= request.getParameter() %>.


URL loading the contact form page:

Contact Form Page:
<p>Please send me info regarding ${param.itemCode}</p>
<html:form action="contactForm">

The paragraph in the Contact Form page above shows "Please send me info 
regarding 0".  If I change ${param.itemCode} with <%= 
request.getParameter("itemCode") %>, I get "Please send me info 
regarding ABC", which is what I want to show.
This is the first time I encountered this issue.  Normally both would 
return the same thing.

Any idea what is happening?  I'm trying to avoid the "<%=   %>" syntax 
as much as possible.



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