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From MB <>
Subject Re: basic 2 virtual hosts configuration
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2010 18:29:23 GMT
Hassan Schroeder said:

>That's what that virtual hosting how-to is *intended* to provide 
And? The how-to not very real world for people in my situation and
doesn't contain all the relevant info in one page. That's what I intend
to write when I get my head around it all. Unless I find a link to an
existing article. 

The Wiki link from Mark Eggers was nice and very useful, except I'd like
to see a production server article instead. That and O'reilly's "Tomcat,
The definitive guide" (of 2008) have gotten me closer to a real
solution. At least my hosts work now.

Now, if I only could make Netbeans 6.8 (PPC OS X 10.5) to run my local
5.5.29 as nice as the built-in 6. It keeps complaining about stuff even
as I have chmod'ed it correctly. 

>-- what
>exactly about it did you find difficult or confusing to follow?
Too little real world, simple examples are only so good. There seem to
be only one good way to use the fragment Context file, so why waste time
on the others first? They could be listed further down. 
Real world examples for development and production server setting would
be way better.

Unless I find something I will write it later.

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