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From MB <>
Subject Re: basic 2 virtual hosts configuration
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2010 05:21:46 GMT
Caldarale, Charles R said:

>Nothing, but you must do it correctly.
Yes, I figured that much. :)

>You don't set the path attribute - in almost all cases it is illegal
>(and "/" is never correct, under any circumstances - read the doc).
Interesting. Time for a reread. 

>>  <Engine name="Catalina" defaultHost="kron">
>>       <Realm className="org.apache.catalina.realm.UserDatabaseRealm"
>>              resourceName="UserDatabase" />
>>       <Host name="medpsy" appBase="/home/webbplatser/" />
>>       <Host name="kron" appBase="/home/webbplatser/" />
>>     </Engine>
>The above looks ok.

>> Fragment context settings in /Catalina/kron/ROOT.xml (similar 
>> for the other site:
>>     docBase="/home/webbplatser/"
>>     path="/"
>Take out the docBase and path attributes; they're not allowed here.  The
>path is derived from the name of the .xml file, and the webapp is
>located in the <Host> appBase, so docBase must not be used.
This seems to be vital info I'll try and incorporate. Time for testing!

>Why have you declared the above?  Where in the doc does it say you
>should do that?
Actually Tomcat did that.

Thanks for your response, Charles. Very helpful.

Hassan Schroeder said

>In the documentation?

Thanks for your response, Hassan. Perhaps I should have been more clear
what I had done already.

I've read that page, took my time, cleaned out my old install,
reinstalled 5.5.28, updated and installed 5.5.29. I also have 3 books
about Tomcat with similar instructions. Information about Tomcat often
seem to me to be incomplete, not entirely relevant to what I want to set
up - multiple hosts, standalone and so on - or is often way too detailed
or just not based around real world examples, which makes it difficult
to extract info. 
I have succeeded many times before setting up server with Tomcat 4. In
contrast configuring Apache2 - with vhosts anyway - is a piece of cake
to setup. Not the same cup of tea, but nevertheless.

I really want to understand Tomcat in this regard as it's very 
difficult to run a java-based server unless you have a virtual server
and this means -  for me anyway - I have to set it up and administrate
it as there's no budget and no people I know that I can ask as of now. 

In return for any help I receive, I'll write a guide for mere mortals,
put it on the web and make it known here, so no pesky newbies have to
ask about this more than necessarily.

This setup is so basic it should just work. Folding up my sleeves.....

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