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From "Rumpa Giri" <>
Subject questions on documentation for configuring AJP connector
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2010 20:06:31 GMT
We are currently using - 


Tomcat - 5.5.25

JDK 1.5


Windows XP 64bit and 32bit machines


We are trying to upgrade to the latest connector. While going through the
worker properties variables to set we have few questions regarding the
following -


1) connection_pool_size - 


>> Usually this is the same as the number of threads per web server process.
(cut-paste from the description for connection_pool_size)


I am not familiar with IIS - so how do you determine the above?


>> You should measure how many connections you need during peak activity
without performance problems, and then add some percentage depending on your
growth rate.


How do you determine what is a good percentage?


Also does this property have any correlation with the attribute MaxThreads
in the <Connector> tag of server.xml? How do you determine what value should
you put for MaxThreads?


2) connection_pool_timeout - The server.xml - the default value if not
specified explicitly is 60000(60 secs). I see in our server.xml AJP
connector tag - its not specified - which means I do need to specify this
property connection_pool_timeout in our as 60? The
documentation says the default for connection_pool_timeout is 0, shouldn't
it be 60 if this has to be in synch with server.xml?


3) The worker.loadbalancer.method property - currently not set - but we are
thinking of doing as B instead of default R. What do you use in general? Is
there a disadvantage to switching from Request to Busyness?


4) Question on server.xml -






What are the criteria to select appropriate values? For production servers -
how do you determine the values to set?

Is there a correlation between the values for above(maxSpareThreads,
maxThreads, minSpareThreads)

 - for example - does the maxSpareThreads have to be certain % of


Thank you for reading the question.



Rumpa Giri

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