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From "Savoy, Melinda" <>
Subject RE: Question on file
Date Wed, 26 May 2010 17:53:20 GMT
Ranier - thanks for the reply.

1.  I just tried this again, but I set all 3 (Default Website, jakarta virtual website and
SCMIS virtual website) to Windows Authentication checked and Anonymous access unchecked and
I was prompted with a login dialog box.  I could not get authenticated and then I hit cancel
and when I did my log showed the following:

[Wed May 26 12:38:41.480 2010] [4684:228] [debug] jk_isapi_plugin.c (3108): Service protocol=HTTP/1.1
method=GET host= addr= name=localhost port=80 auth=Negotiate user=TEXAS\SavoyM

My objective here is to have IIS authenticate without a user logging in and then I acquire
the user value via the getRemoteUser() method.

2.  I understood that I had to have the website that I am running currently in Tomcat setup
as a virtual website in IIS under the jakarta virtual website in IIS so that it would serve
up the /SCMIS/*.jsp pages in Tomcat?  Are you saying that is not the case and I can get rid
of the SCMIS virtual website?  Could this possibly the issue?

3.  I remember your previous post but I thought you also said that you got a login prompt
which is what I'm trying to avoid.  Again the hope is that IIS can authenticate and forward
the user value to Tomcat seamlessly.  

Thanks again for the reply and your help.

-----Original Message-----
From: Rainer Jung [] 
Sent: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 11:52 AM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: Question on file

On 26.05.2010 18:30, Savoy, Melinda wrote:
> Trying again to see if I can respond to Andre's question regarding what my directory
structure is in order to help me determine where I've gone wrong in my setup and why I'm not
getting the auth and user values in the request that is being forwarded to my Tomcat server.
 I can connect via the Tomcat connector to my site successfully however, I cannot authenticate
my userid and therefore I cannot get to my application which is dependent on that value so
that the authenticated user can access the web app.
> Here is my setup:
> 1.  Andre, before you ask, I am still waiting on a test Windows 2003 server to be setup
where I can test this on a server rather than my XP box as you suggested to me previously,
but I'm stuck testing on my Windows XP box until then.
> 2.  Currently I am testing to see if using the Tomcat connector will work on my local
Windows XP box.
> 3.  I am testing my web app within Eclipse using Tomcat 6.0 (meaning my web app is a
dynamic web project within Eclipse and has been added to the Tomcat server in Eclipse).
> 4.  My URL is:  http://localhost/SCMIS/index.jsp
> 5.  The directory structure on my local box where my web app is located is:  C:\Snaps\savoym_remote_scmis_phase5_dev\scmis_phase5_vob
and the directories directly under this directory is:
> Build
> Common
> Libraries
> Lookup
> Lost+found
> Maintenance
> PurchaseOrder
> Requisition
> SCMIS (this is the where the JSP's are located and this is the directory that is defined
in my SCMIS IIS virtual web site)
> Security
> 6.  In IIS 5.1, on my Windows XP box, the setup is as follows:
> a. Default website has a directory security setting of (Anonymous access - checked)
> b. jakara virtual website has a directory security setting of (Anonymous access - checked)
> c. SCMIS virtual website, within the jakarta virtual website, has a directory security
setting of (Windows Authentication - checked)

Does it work, if you switch all of those three to "Anonymous access" 
unchecked and "Windows Authentication" checked?

What is the SCMIS virtual website in IIS for? Are you trying to serve 
static content directly form IIS? If "no", I don't see a reason why you 
would want to have that virtual website. Are you forwarding /SCMIS/* to 
Tomcat, or only JSPs?

As I wrote in a previous post, it didn't work for me when i only 
switched the jakarta virtual website to Windows auth. It only started to 
work, when I changed the default website too.



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