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From JohnRiley <>
Subject Re: mod_jk session stickiness on failover
Date Thu, 20 May 2010 11:27:24 GMT


Thanks for all answers. I created a custom Valve for this purpose and it
seems to work great in early testing. Hopefully we can configure this easier
in a future version of tomcat.

Many thanks!


Rainer Jung-3 wrote:
> On 19.05.2010 20:12, JohnRiley wrote:
>> Ok, even if I execute a jsp-page in tomcat root and get a cookie with
>> path=/
>> I get this problem so it has nothing to to with sharing sessions between
>> applications or cookie not reaching it correctly. Things just seems to
>> stop
>> working properly when I add  emptySessionPath="true".
>> Any idéas?
> Yes: emptySessionPath does two things:
> - it sets the cookie path to "/", so that all contexts receive the same 
> same session cookie
> - if a context gets a cookie and doesn't already have a session with the 
> requested ID, it creates a new session with the requested ID.
> The second feature is where it fails for you, because now the jvmRoute 
> is wrong.
> I would try working around using a servlet filter, but I'm not sure, how 
> early in request processing emptySessionPath kicks in.
> There is a patch proposed for inclusion in TC 6 to make the session 
> cookie path configurable. Not unlikely it will make it into 6.0.27. You 
> can have a look at
> Regards,
> Rainer
>> JohnRiley wrote:
>>> Right on target. I noticed that it was the emptySessionPath="true" that
>>> messed things up for me. When I removed it I got back to the wanted
>>> behavior. However, the emptySessionPath is needed since we are using
>>> mod_rewrite to change the url:s of the backend application. Otherwise we
>>> get a JSessionID with a "/path" rather than "/".
>>> When I removed the emptySessionPath we got back a new cookie with the
>>> correct route. When I have it on I get no sessionId back at all. So the
>>> solution would be that the root-context and my application should have
>>> the
>>> same JSESSIONID (is it possible) or I can deploy my applicaiton in the
>>> root directory.
>>> /Johan
>>> Rainer Jung-3 wrote:
>>>> On 18.05.2010 12:35, JohnRiley wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> We are load balancing 3 non-clustered tomcat 6.0 servers with the
>>>>> mod_jk
>>>>> connector in apache 2.0. We have sticky sessions enabled and it works
>>>>> fine
>>>>> until one of the servers goes down. What happens then is that it start
>>>>> round-robin between the other two since none of them wants to accept
>>>>> the
>>>>> JSESSIONID with the route of the crashed tomcat server.
>>>>> How can I make one of the other servers to create a new session with
>>>>> its
>>>>> own
>>>>> jvmRoute for that tomcat? Because right now we have a huge problem
>>>>> when
>>>>> taking down a server for maintenance. The user will change server on
>>>>> each
>>>>> request until the server that is down for maintenance is back up
>>>>> again.
>>>>> Do we really have to setup the tomcats in a cluster to accomplish
>>>>> this?
>>>> Not sure I understand the real problem. If the app does "not accept"
>>>> the
>>>> sessionid, I would expect it to create a new session (and a new
>>>> sessionid) using the correct local route.
>>>> Do you use emptySessionPath in the connector configuration inside
>>>> server.xml?
>>>> Can't you add a simple servlet filter overwriting the JSESSIONID cookie
>>>> if it's route doesn't match the local route?
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Rainer
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