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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: UTF-8 encoding in Tomcat 6.0
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2010 19:20:02 GMT
Mircea LUTIC wrote:
> Hello Chris,
I will save Chris one answer :
> 	1. If the filter does not influence the decoding of the GET  parameters why is it called
on GET requests? 

Because the filter may want to, for example, modify or add request 
headers to the request (or response headers). Or it may want to change.. 
the parameters, or rather the request's "query string" as a whole (the 
part of the URL after the "?").

I think what Chris meant, is that the filter does not influence the way 
in which a call like getParameters() works.  The standard 
getParameters() method takes the request URI (as it sees it by the time 
it runs) and parses its query_string part into a table of parameter 
names and values, according to fixed rules which you cannot change.

What your filter /could/ do, is to create a "request wrapper object" 
containing the original request.  This request wrapper would for example 
pass an already-modifed request URI to the getParameters() method.
Or it could re-define the getParmeters() method, to return modified 
parameter values.

When an application then runs and calls getParameters(), it will get the 
result of the getParameters() of your wrapper object, instead of the 
getParameters() of the original object.
For example, the result would be already-"translated" parameter 

(You have to do it this way, because the original HttpServletRequest 
object is immutable, it cannot be modified directly.)

> 	2. How about http : PUT, HEAD, etc?

Same thing.
And same thing for the request body, if any.

There are some additional nuances and details to what I wrote above, but 
I hope that this already helps somewhat.

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