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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: How to run second instance of Tomcat 6.0.20 on separate port
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2010 12:39:57 GMT
Kapil Godara wrote:
> Hi
> I copied the entire folder Tomcat 6.0 at C:\Program Files\Apache Software
> Foundation (where tomcat is installed) to Tomcat_instance2 .

Let's start again, from the beginning.

This has been discussed many times on this forum, but I believe it is 
worth repeating it, because it is probably the source of the confusion.

In the Tomcat website download page, there are several versions :

- one is for Unix/Linux. That is a "complete" version, with all the 
files packed together in one .tar.gz file.  To install it, you unpack 
these files under one new directory for Tomcat, and it creates a set of 
subdirectories conf, bin, etc..

But for Windows, there are *two* versions :
- one is a "simple" version, named "installer", which is destined for 
the quick and simple installation of a single Tomcat under Windows, to 
run as a Windows Service. This is apparently the one you downloaded and 
installed. This version does not contain /all/ the same files as the one 
for Unix/Linux above, only a subset of them.

- the other one is a "zip" version, which does contain all the same 
files as the Unix/Linux version, and even some additional ones.
This version /also/ allows you to install Tomcat as a Windows Service, 
but this requires a bit more work.  It also provides all the files 
necessary to install a second instance of Tomcat and run it as a second 
Windows Service.
This is the one you should download now.

My recommendation is :
- remove the first version of Tomcat that you downloaded and installed 
(the .exe version).
- download the zip version
- decide on a "main" and "second" directories where you will run your 
two instances of Tomcat.
I suggest that you pick directory paths that are simple, without spaces 
in the name.  Like "c:\tomcat1" and "c:\tomcat2".  That will save you 
time and problems later.
- unzip the downloaded Tomcat zip version in the first directory.
Note for the future that this is now your "CATALINA_HOME" directory.
- in the directory c:\tomcat1\bin, run the "service.bat" script, to 
install this Tomcat instance as the first Windows Service.  Give it the 
name "Tomcat1".
For this Tomcat, the "CATALINA_BASE" is also "c:\tomcat1".

When all the above is done and you have a running first Tomcat instance, 
then come back here for additional information on how to run an 
additional instance, using the same CATALINA_HOME, but a separate 

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