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From Lara Spendier <>
Subject Re: Tomcat fails on restart: BindException
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2010 09:04:23 GMT

>> /usr/local/tomcat6/bin/
>> /usr/local/tomcat6/bin/
> The script will probably return before Tomcat has completely
> stopped running, which means that the script will try to
> start Tomcat before the previous instance has exited.
yeah, I thought so as well.

> What does the log indicate when you're shutting down Tomcat?
> How long does it take?
Good point, I have to look into this, but at the moment it is not 
possible for me to shut down the instance.
> Maybe you have a problem that you're not aware of. A more recent
> version of Tomcat may assist you with this, as it contains some
> detection that adds messages to the logs when it finds potential
> problems during shutdown.
> Once you know how long it *should* take to shutdown, under normal
> conditions, have a look at the usage statement of
> /usr/local/tomcat6/bin/ for some options on forcibly shutting
> Tomcat down after a time limit.
Okay, then this is what I'm going to do next. Thank you very much for 
your quick response and your advice (also regarding the warnings etc.)!


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