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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Way to generate a "localhost.log" instead of "localhost-4-20-2010.log"?
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2010 21:56:19 GMT
On 19/04/2010 22:32, André Warnier wrote:
> I disagree.
> The point raised by the OP above is one that bothers a lot of people.
> The lame bit is the way in which standard out-of-the-box Tomcat
> generates its logfiles, and their rotation, inflexibly.
> And yes, I know one can implement log4j and do whatever one wants, but
> for a large number of Tomcat occasional users and admins, that's too
> much to ask.
> I am not trying to start a flame, and I like Tomcat in general, and I
> try to contribute to the limits of my limited abilities.  I am just
> pointing out one area in which, in my view, Tomcat is a bit deficient
> for people who cannot spent much of their time on one particular
> server-type software.

So I can expect to see an enhancement request with some clear
requirements that go beyond "the current implementation is lame" in
bugzilla some time soon?


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