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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: mod_jk: confirming JKStripSession setting
Date Sat, 03 Apr 2010 16:33:55 GMT
Hi Chris,

On 01.04.2010 00:21, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Today, doing some testing, I found that an<img>  link on a page was in
> some instances resulting in a broken-image icon but the symptom
> disappeared on a page REFRESH: classic signs of a ";jsessionid" URL problem.
> Except that I have JKStripSession enabled -- at least, I think I do.

It should respect virtual hosts, one thing that could go wrong.
JkStripSession actually takes an optional second argument, the start of 
what has to be stripped (by default ";jsessionid").

> I disabled cookies in my browser and was able to refresh multiple times
> and still see a broken image icon.

> So, I checked my mod_jk log which was set to INFO level and saw nothing
> in the output during startup about the JKStripSession setting.
> So, I changed JKLogLevel to DEBUG and tried again: nothing.
> So, I changed JkLogLevel to TRACE and tried again: nothing.

Debug should show (Apache):

"removing session identifier [%s] for non servlet url [%s]"

each time something is actually removed in case Apache has internally 
set r->uri. If it has only set r->filename, nothing will be logged :)

Could it have to do with something else like PHP involved? Any other 
tricks to map the image URL?

> I have the jk-status worker running, so I checked that: no comments in
> there about JKStripSession configuration state.
> I tried looking to see if httpd could (from the command-line) dump out
> the effective httpd.conf that was being used (I use Debian-packaged
> Apache httpd 2.2 which uses a bunch of "Include" directives including
> ones like "Include some_dir/*.conf", and other files that I expect to be
> picked-up by those Include directives are /clearly/ working), but I
> wasn't able to find such a debugging option.
> Any suggestions?

Activating server-info. For the default download config it's defined in 
extra/httpd-info.conf which has to be Included (commented by default).

For 2.2 server-info should does the details of Apache directives read 
during the configuration phase pretty detailed.



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