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From Pid <>
Subject Re: Would like to extract every request to servelt except index.html
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2010 10:26:36 GMT
On 02/04/2010 11:09, Paul Taylor wrote:
> Pid wrote:
>> On 02/04/2010 09:51, Paul Taylor wrote:
>>> I would like every request to be redirected to a central servlet EXCEPT
>>> if the request is simply index.html, but at the moment everything gets
>>> redirected to the servlet, how could I do what I want
>>> This is extract from my web.xml
>>> <servlet-mapping>
>>> <servlet-name>SearchServerServlet</servlet-name>
>>> <url-pattern>/</url-pattern>
>>> </servlet-mapping>
>> The above makes your servlet the default servlet, so it'll handle all
>> requests that aren't handled by more specific url-patterns. The
>> welcome files won't be processed.
>> You could employ a Servlet Filter which analyses the requestURI and
>> forwards to your servlet, but that calls chain.doFilter(hreq, hres)
>> otherwise.
> Hmm, I know why it doesnt work but i was hoping I could add something to
> this file so that the servlet doesnt pickup index.html, is that not
> possible.

Have you found any clues in the Servlet Spec, or the Tomcat docs that 
indicate that it _is_ possible?


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