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From martin <>
Subject RE: RE: problems with welcome files
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2010 09:53:14 GMT
>> From: martin []
>> Subject: problems with welcome files
>> i have installed apache http 2.2.14 and tomcat 6.0.24.

>Step 1: Get httpd out of the game; test with Tomcat's HTTP <Connector>
first.  When that works, add httpd back in.

Ok, httpd is not running anymore

>> I added this to tomcats server.xml:
>>      <Host name="railo">
>>            <Context path="" docBase="C:/Tomcat6.0/webapps/
railo" />
>>      </Host>

>Step 2: the above gets you the railo webapp deployed twice, once as
default, once as railo.  Remove the <Context> element and rename the railo
directory to ROOT (case sensitive, even on Windows).

Ok, applied the changes

>Step 3: make sure the name "railo" is defined in your DNS box or hosts
file, or add an <Alias> to the above <Host> for usable domain name.

Added this Alias

>> Railo has the following in its web.xml
>> <welcome-file-list>
>>      <welcome-file>index.cfm</welcome-file>
>>    <welcome-file>index.cfml</welcome-file>
>> </welcome-file-list>

> What else is in its web.xml?  (In particular, servlet mappings.)


>> http://railo/coldbox/dashboard/index.cfm   This works.
>> http://railo/coldbox/dashboard   Does not work. I get this:

>First fix your deployment problems as described above.

Ok, without httpd running
http://railo:8080/coldbox/dashboard/index.cfm   This works.
http://railo:8080/coldbox/dashboard   Does not work. I get the same error.

I have configured the railo server and added a mapping
"/"  mapps to "C:/webapps/viss-dev/"

In this directory lies an index.cfm (<html><body><h1>It
When i access http://railo:8080/ the index.cfm is shown, but when i try to
access a subdirectory that also contains an index.cfm i get this

> - Chuck

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