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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Fwd: How to install tomcat 6.0.X in IBM P series box running with RHEL 5
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2010 13:23:52 GMT
Ratnavel Sundaramurthi wrote:
> Hi, 
> How to install tomcat 6.0.X in IBM  P series box 
> running with RHEL 5. 
> I see rpms available 
> only for tomacat 5.x. 
> Environment: 
> Machine: IBM P series 
> OS:RHEL 5.0 
> Java version: Java 1.6
> Any help is appreciated. 

1) If you want a "package" usable with the RedHat package management 
tools, then you are stuck with whatever versions RedHat makes available 
for your version of RHEL.
(And they are always a few versions behind the latest available Tomcat).

2) Otherwise, you can download the latest Tomcat version from the 
official Tomcat website at, and install it 
following the instructions found on that same website.
(And you should anyway first install a reasonable Java JVM 1.6 before 
Tomcat; usually people here do not consider the OpenJDK JVM as 
reasonable for Tomcat).

The advantage of option (2) is that you have the latest bestest Tomcat, 
and that it will be easier for people on this forum to help you with it, 
because it installs Tomcat and Tomcat files is a known location and 
A disadvantage of option (2) may be that your sysadmins will probably 
not support it, as it is not the "official RHEL version" which they know 
and love.
Another disadvantage, is that you will probably have to create yourself 
the system startup/stop scripts for your Tomcat server, if you intend to 
run it as a daemon.

A disadvantage of option (1), is that these packages usually put the 
Tomcat files all over the place, with millions of symlinks to tie it all 
together again.  So if you have a problem, it is more difficult for 
people here to figure out what happens.  But then of course there is 
always the RedHat hotline..

My own subjective (but practical) recommendation :

If you are knowledgeable about your OS, system startup scripts etc.., 
then use the latest version from the Tomcat website.
(Tomcat by itself is not complicated to install and run, but it is these 
surrounding system aspects that will give you work).

If not, then use the RedHat packaged version if you can live with it, 
because it will install out of the box.

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