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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Always load balance to same box with different tomcat contexts
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2010 16:12:15 GMT
On 19/03/2010 12:16, 2smart4u wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 12:46 PM, Mark Thomas <> wrote:
>> The question was how to make session stickiness apply to all applications on
>> a host. Clustering was mentioned but isn't relevant to this question (and
>> the OP's original post seemed to suggest they were having issues with
>> session replication).
> Hm, either my English is too bad to understand the OP's question, or
> you might have missed something. The OP wrote:
>> Also it's setup as cluster with Clustered SSO Valve:
> So to my understanding it *is* about clustering and different hosts -
> or am I wrong here?

As per the thread title the OP wanted to:
"Always load balance to same box with different tomcat contexts"

Clustering appears to be giving them some difficulties as they said:

"Using session serialization is not an option because sessions used in
webapp1/webapp2 are very heavy and it results in awfull performance."

That suggests to me that there is something else not quite right with
either their app or their setup but given that fixing clustering wasn't
what they were asking about, I left it alone and dealt with the OP's
session stickiness question which, now they have that working, means
they can do load-balancing without session replication.

The OP's follow up question was about sharing sessions between contexts
on the same host, not about the consequences of session replciation. The
OP was deliberately trying to avoid using session replication due to the
issues they noted in their first post. I suspect that this question was
triggered by the fact that with a cookie path of "/", the session looks
like it might be shared between contexts on the same host since the same
session ID is used in all contexts. However, that is not the case and
the session objects for each context remain completely independent.

>> As an aside, have you considered using a less arrogant e-mail address?
> First off, I don't see the email-adress as arrogent (since it's
> rc46fi). However, I'm owning a domain 2smart4u, and since I stopped
> using my real name in public emails (thanks to seach-engines and
> spam), I'm using it as a name, but I'm using it with a wink in my
> eyes.

That's the thing with e-mail, no-one can tell what tone of voice you are
using or see the smile on your face as you type it. Particularly on
mailing lists where people don't know each other, recipients have to
reply soley on the text they see in front of them. What seems humerous
to one person can appear completely differently to someone else. To me,
"2smart4u" comes across as arrogant rather than funny.


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