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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: SSL Client Auth through tomcat
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2010 13:33:04 GMT
rangeli nepal wrote:
> Thank you for your response. I would have definitely not written to this
> group, if my question would just related to SSL terminating on Apache. Here
> is my scenario:
> ___________                                     ____________
> |                   |                                   |
>   |
> |        A         |____________________|        B           |
> |___________|                                   |____________|
Unfortunately, as you have probably noticed, that drawing does not come 
out very well in this media.  But thanks for trying.

> A is a tomcat server and B is an Apache server bastion of all the web
> service inside. Apache needs client side Authentication.
> My question is what I need to do on A( tomcat) so that it can accepts
> certificate from B and B will accept certificate from A (tomcat).

Which makes me think that this has nothing to do with Tomcat per se.
It looks like what you want is that some /application/ running inside 
Tomcat would be able to connect to Apache via SSL, and exchange 
certificates with it.
That would be a pure Java programming matter, and the fact that the 
application itself happens to be running inside Tomcat is purely 
circumstancial and changes nothing to the matter.
Or am I misunderstanding your schema ?

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