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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Problem redirecting requests from IIS to Tomcat by isapi_redirect.dll
Date Sun, 14 Mar 2010 12:25:57 GMT
mirkocal wrote:
> Hi, I'm trying to redirect requests from IIS 6 to Tomcat 6.
> I've followed the instructions reported in the official Tomcat
> documentation:
> In particular, I've created:
> - the required registry key
> - the web app MyApp under Tomcat
> - the web site MyApp under IIS containing the virtual directory MyApp
> pointing to the fisical directory of the Tomcat web app (further than the
> jakarta virtual dir) with host header value and ISAPI filter as
> shown in the docs 

That, you should probably not do, because if you define the webapp dir 
directly to IIS, it means you are bypassing Tomcat.
Try accessing
If it works, then something is wrong, because Tomcat (for security 
reasons) would never show you this file.

Basically, you should have only the "jakarta" virtual dir, and it will 
work for all your Tomcat webapps.
Only in some special cases, you do need to add "MyApp", but then you 
should be really careful.

> I'm using isapi_redirect.dll ver. 1.2.30, the operating system is Win 2003.
That's fine.

> Now, asking for I am only redirected on Tomcat main page

That is as it should be, with the standard installation.

, but
> MyApp is not started. To access it, I have to ask for

That is also normal.

> what I want is to start the application asking simply for

This is a different issue.
For that to work, you need to make your app be the Tomcat default 
application (which is named ROOT (in capitals)).
See here :

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