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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: How do I set up and run Tomcat 5.5.23 on Cetos5.3
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2010 20:55:07 GMT
testwreq wreq wrote:
> I see 8080 running as follows:
> tcp        0      0 :::8080                     :::*
> LISTEN      6980/java
Ok, that /might/ be Tomcat, and it /might/ be the Tomcat we are talking 
about.  But it is not sure yet, because it seems that there may be more 
running on that system than you (and us) know about.

I am going to try to help you, but you have to follow the steps and do 
what you are told, ok ?

First, enter this command :

netstat -anp | grep LISTEN | grep 6980

you should see the same line as above, and a couple of additional ones.
Paste these lines here, in your next message.

Then, enter this :

ps -ef | grep 6980

and also paste the result here.

Then, navigate to the "conf" directory of Tomcat (we do not know where 
the CentOS Tomcat package puts that one, so you have to find it 
yourself).  In that directory, is a file "server.xml".
Make a copy of that file, and edit that copy.
Remove all the XML comments from it. (Those are text sections between 
"<!--" and "-->" sequences), and also paste the rest here.

Then, we might see things a bit more clearly.

Then, while we are looking at that, get yourself an add-on for your 
browser, that we will use later to show what exactly is going on between 
the browser and the server.  If you are using Firefox (recommended), get 
the HttpFox add-on for example.  If you are using IE, get Fiddler2.  You 
can find these things in Google, or in the "add-ons/plugins" menu of the 

So, off you go.

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