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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: IIS 7 is unable to load 32-bit Tomcat connector
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2010 17:00:17 GMT
Jason Foy wrote:
> I want to make this more clear. 
mmm. ;-)
The chat client sends HTTP get to web
> server to initate a chat session.

Ok, who/what is the "chat client" ? is it a browser ? is it something 
running in a browser ?

  In the back end, java servlet gets
> this request and form a loop to prevent the session from 
> ending,meanwhile spawn another thread to connect to person2 using plain 
> socket. 

Who/what is "person2" ? it cannot be a browser, because a browser is not 
opening a socket to "listen" to incoming requests.
And how does this other thread connect to that "person2" ? does it have 
a table with "name = ipaddress:port" to know what to connect to ?

Person1 use HTTP Post to send a text. Person2 sends the data to
> servlet through a socket. 

Which socket ? the same one that was opened (to person2) by the 
additional servlet thread mentioned above ?

The servlet sends the javascript to IIS 7 via ISAPI.

So, "chat client #1" connects to the HTTP server and sends a HTTP GET 
request to initiate the session.  Then it waits for a response, 
supposedly a html page "containing"
- a parent window containing a <script></script> section which contains 
the function receiveText()
- a child window which calls this function and displays the retrieved text

The server gets this request; somehow it opens a connection with "chat 
client #2" which is not a browser. And then it sends back a html 
response to "chat client #1", which is this html page mentioned above.

But "chat client #1" never gets the javascript part of this html page.

The javascript should be delivered to chat client's web browser and web 
browser execute this javascript and display the message on chat client's 
chat window.

The problem is I don't know where the javascript packet is lost.

Neither do I, if really that javascript section is included inside of a 
html page that "chat client #1" does receive.
If chat client #1 receives the html page, then it should also receive 
the javascript that is inside it, no ?

Honestly, so far I do not see what the connector or Tomcat can have to 
do with this.  The connector is certainly not stripping selectively one 
section out of a html response page.
Maybe you should look closer at your servlet, why it is not sending it ?

Again, get a browser plugin to /really/ see what "chat client #1" is 
sending and receiving from the webserver.
Until you do that, and really see what is happening, you will be in the 
dark, and me too.

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