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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: isapi_redirect-1.2.30 - problem with dynamic images.
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2010 16:28:18 GMT
David Bolsover wrote:
> I'm not sure I'm any further along with this...
> If I take this first URL (from Tomcat port 8080) and paste into my browser address bar,
I get the expected image.
> http://localhost:8080/Yosemite/faces/a4j/s/3_3_3.CR1org.ajax4jsf.resource.UserResource/n/n/-1487394660/DATA/eAGNkk1rFEEQhitLgh9RCEYQQUE0mES0B2VzUomuiTGyyaJL!ARDzUztbg8z0213z-7IojcRFEXwKih48KIXPfkXAnrIwV8giIgXEbzaMzvoukiwb9VUv2899farbzCiFRwSqskwwLQc6AZTpEWiPGIrmtTFophYUXwODUJ2xme-lmC4Cts9RWjojIgNxcbAjmqAbXRCjJtOzQ3IM8ersIlSya3mTbgDQ1XYHAmfNzj5RT3SxjChvEilneVgJpGyBnqkmSciKWKrzerGGp0ToU-qjm1SV9fennzy9P1SCUpV2OKFqPUyRvT3DHWjeNy0M2zV9o2faxROBk5l0Ip7rZ5Vh1yUkhlshtxlS2Rawp9PpR1ccxH36gqPfSt42kdphEoUjF!PiVlGzArixx-uPBvT02EJIJV2WaX!siqkB30LK7uXqTwjiV6LWIBakmIUsvNaDj6ZHe3ix13q4Tbrr2B3b522dbDvjbP24NPP8qNsTkvyu-8P9Iu79-vfr62fyEk6F6DmyMQNuecw5lyerxxZXD7rBFo2nA6FNiladYV!i2U3U8dmDpfL0!smD3QXKCa75TnhJZENskIYM4k8NrcnLdX-Pqp!zLgYyfDe89l3N17-qGU8WXijnQnYs5EuDLcF9wfTKf7C6!VLn7!s7S70pbMzQ2dcsFpiZGJsI2FkYCy!7ktWyjSV0sDQ0V8!SyDk;jsessionid=1EE788D6C88C67E5E28CC67DA2402866?timestamp=Fri%20Mar%2005%2015%3A47%3A44%20GMT%202010
> If I take this second user (from IIS via redirector 1.2.30 to tomcat), I do not get an
> http://localhost/Yosemite/faces/a4j/s/3_3_3.CR1org.ajax4jsf.resource.UserResource/n/n/-1487394660/DATA/eAGNkk1rFEEQhitLgh9RCEYQQUE0mES0B2VzUomuiTGyyaJL!ARDzUztbg8z0213z-7IojcRFEXwKih48KIXPfkXAnrIwV8giIgXEbzaMzvoukiwb9VUv2899farbzCiFRwSqskwwLQc6AZTpEWiPGIrmtTFophYUXwODUJ2xme-lmC4Cts9RWjojIgNxcbAjmqAbXRCjJtOzQ3IM8ersIlSya3mTbgDQ1XYHAmfNzj5RT3SxjChvEilneVgJpGyBnqkmSciKWKrzerGGp0ToU-qjm1SV9fennzy9P1SCUpV2OKFqPUyRvT3DHWjeNy0M2zV9o2faxROBk5l0Ip7rZ5Vh1yUkhlshtxlS2Rawp9PpR1ccxH36gqPfSt42kdphEoUjF!PiVlGzArixx-uPBvT02EJIJV2WaX!siqkB30LK7uXqTwjiV6LWIBakmIUsvNaDj6ZHe3ix13q4Tbrr2B3b522dbDvjbP24NPP8qNsTkvyu-8P9Iu79-vfr62fyEk6F6DmyMQNuecw5lyerxxZXD7rBFo2nA6FNiladYV!i2U3U8dmDpfL0!smD3QXKCa75TnhJZENskIYM4k8NrcnLdX-Pqp!zLgYyfDe89l3N17-qGU8WXijnQnYs5EuDLcF9wfTKf7C6!VLn7!s7S70pbMzQ2dcsFpiZGJsI2FkYCy!7ktWyjSV0sDQ0V8!SyDk?timestamp=Fri%20Mar%2005%2015%3A47%3A55%20GMT%202010
> So it looks like the redirector (or IIS) is stripping out the jsessionid - why? I thought
that the redirector should simply pass through the tomcat response - or have I got it wrong?

And I think you are right, it should.

  Would the connection errors seen in isapi.log explain this?
> I have this particular problem on W7 32bit but not on Server 2k8 64bit implementations
of the redirector. 

If I compare your second link with the first, there is a difference 
which is not only the ":8080" part in the hostname.
(I mean that the first link /already contains/ the jsessionid attribute, 
while the second one does not.)

So, if you copy the second link above, and /only/ add ":8080" to the 
hostname, and paste that in the URL bar of the browser, do you get an 
image or not ?

I believe that the problem is not that with the first link you get an 
image and with the second one you do not.
The problem is :
- why in the first case do you get a whole html document response from 
the server which, among other things, contains an <img> link which 
contains a jsessionid attribute
- and why in the second case do you get a whole html document response 
which, among other things, contains an <img> link without such a 
jsessionid attribute ?

The problem is already there before you even click on the image link.
The problem is in the page that /contains/ the link.
The connector certainly does not mess with the html /content/ of the 
server response page.
The fact that you are getting two different response pages, means eithet 
- that the request that /obtains/ this response page is already different
- or that the server which generates this response page is different
That is where the problem is.

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