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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: IIS 7 is unable to load 32-bit Tomcat connector
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2010 15:17:29 GMT

Jason Foy wrote:
> That is actually what I meant. IIS 7 is supposed to send the javascript back to person1's
web browser. 

You have to be more precise about how this works.
I am not trying to split hairs, just to understand precisely what may be 
Because the IIS/Tomcat connector, by itself, is not touching the 
/content/ of html pages (or javascript libraries) which are being sent 
from the server to the browser.

In this case :
We have a javascript function "receiveText()" which is /defined/ in some 
parent window, and being /called (executed)/ by a child window.
And something is not working.

So how is this javascript function defined (or not defined) in the 
parent window ?

- is it "embedded" inside of the html of the parent window, like :
.. some html ..
function receiveText() {

- or is it supposed to be loaded by the parent window's html like this :
<script language="javascript" src="/some/link/to/javascript.js">

If it is the second, then it is a separate file on the server somewhere, 
which the browser will request from the server using a separate HTTP 
request to get it.
Then maybe this HTTP request fails for some reason, and the function is 
never loaded in the parent window.
One reason could be that the javascript file is not there where you 
think it is, or that its permissions do not allow the user (or the 
server) to get it.

It would probably help you to use a browser add-on such as Fiddler2 (for 
IE) or HttpFox (for Firefox), to find out if all calls to the server are 

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