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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: check number of http connection in tomcat
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2010 07:00:11 GMT
Bill Barker wrote:
> "Caldarale, Charles R" <> wrote in message 
>>> From: André Warnier []
>>> Subject: Re: check number of http connection in tomcat
>>> 1) the correct link is probably : http://XXXx:8080/manager
>> That will get you a 404 (at least on non-stone-age Tomcats).  The 
>> actual manager URL is:
>> http://XXXx:8080/manager/html
> It's nice to see that 3.3.2 is still so popular.  I've gotten two 
> questions about it in one week :).
> Actually, the OP had the correct URL for TC 3.3.2.  It's called admin 
> there, but works more like the manager for TC 4.0+.  Since it is from 
> the stone-age, it has considerably less functionality.
> To answer the OP, the instructions are in the index.html file under the 
> /webapps/admin directory.  The short answer is that if you haven't 
> changed the conf/apps-admin.xml (yes, TC 3.3 was the first one to have 
> context configuration files), then you need to edit the 
> conf/users/admin-users.xml to enable a user for the admin app.  The file 
> posted by the OP is in the wrong  format (it is for TC 4.0+).
> Of course, one of the things that the TC 3.3 admin app lacks is the 
> ability to show the number of connections, so this will likely be of 
> little use to the OP ;).  It mostly lets you start and stop webapps.  
> Since it shares connectors with later Tomcat versions, this information 
> is available via JMX however.

I told you, we need guys over 50 to answer questions about Tomcat 3.3.2.
Maybe there's hope for us after all.

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