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From "Carl" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat dies suddenly
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2010 12:41:17 GMT

Thanks, I will give it a try after I complete the two experiments currently 
underway (the IBM JVM and running with strace from the command line.)

Tried bringing the server running the IBM JVM into production this morning 
(tested it yesterday with different browsers... can't use IE 6 but all the 
others seemed to work) but couldn't as there is some problem with SSL.  The 
indicators are that some people can access the application just fine but 
others (they appear to be mostly IE users, will be getting the IE versions 
later this morning) never get past the first page (I can see from the log 
what is requested)... the first page starts a series of processes including 
copying some signed jars down, if needed, starting an applet that serves as 
a conduit for moving information to printers, etc.  The odd part is all of 
these worked fine yesterday when we were using the firewall to redirect 
traffic on a specific port to this server (yesterday, we were sending 
traffic on port 8084 to 443 on this server, this morning we were sending all 
443 traffic to this server.)  More testing this morning but all ideas are 
certainly welcome.



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Subject: RE: Tomcat dies suddenly

>> From: Carl []
>> Subject: Re: Tomcat dies suddenly
>> Still looking for the exorcist but we now know that an older
>> version of the Sun JVM doesn't do the trick.
> Not necessarily.  6u10 was a major internal upgrade, so it might be 
> interesting to try 6u7:
> (There were no 6u8 or 6u9 releases.)
> - Chuck
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