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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject Re: Tomcat dies suddenly
Date Fri, 05 Feb 2010 15:29:09 GMT
On 5 February 2010 15:16, Carl <> wrote:
> Do you see any harm in just doubling the number (to 2048) just to see if it
> has an impact?

I wouldn't expect any problems, but I don't know your server as well
as you do.  Just don't hold me responsible if your Tomcat fails / the
dog eats the hamster / someone holds you hostage for the release of
the unknown soldier's grandmother (delete all that don't apply).

I'd suggest checking about limits that may be compiled into the
kernel, too.  File descriptor usage masks used to be stored as
bitmasks in arrays, and the kernel used to have fixed maximum sizes.
But then, this is coming from someone who every day walks past a
museum containing a computer with a total of 1,024 bits of memory...
things may have improved since then.

- Peter

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