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From Dieter Decavele <>
Subject RE: Trouble redeploying WAR that uses SQL Server integrated authentication
Date Tue, 02 Feb 2010 11:15:18 GMT
My guess is the warning you get is because the web app loads your jdbc driver class.  This
eventually gets registered with DriverManager but this class has been loaded by the containers
classloader.  If the container wouldn't forcibly unregister this your webapp loaded classes
would still be referenced through the DriverManager->Driver->WebappClassLoader->every
loaded class for the webapp.

The error is probably due to the fact that a classloader can only load a native library once.
 Which would implicate that your web app classloader is still somewhere referenced.  Log4J
also has the same problem as jdbc driver, maybe you're using it?

Van: Eric Fikus []
Verzonden: dinsdag 2 februari 2010 02:43
Onderwerp: Trouble redeploying WAR that uses SQL Server integrated authentication


I have an application that is configured to use Windows integrated security
to connect to a SQL Server database.  This is a Grails application--I don't
know if that is a factor or not.  The application is packaged as a WAR file.
I can deploy this application and it works as expected.  However, I am not
able to undeploy and subsequently redeploy the application.

When I undeploy, I see an error message like

Feb 1, 2010 5:09:10 PM org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoader
SEVERE: A web application registered the JBDC driver
[] but failed to unregister it
when the web application was stopped. To prevent a memory leak, the JDBC
Driver has been forcibly unregistered.

When I try to deploy again, I see

Feb 1, 2010 5:19:39 PM
WARNING: Failed to load the sqljdbc_auth.dll

and finally an exception like this one: This driver is not
configured for integrated authentication.

(Note that the driver is correctly configured, as the initial deployment
works without problems.)

Since I'm seeing this with the combination of Grails, Tomcat, and SQL
Server, I'm not sure where the problem may be.  I do not have this problem
when the driver is configured to use SQL authentication.

This is with Windows Server 2008/SQL Server 2008/MS JDBC drivers 2.0/Tomcat

Thank you,

Eric Fikus
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