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From "Jeffrey Janner" <>
Subject RE: [OT] Tomcat dies suddenly
Date Tue, 16 Feb 2010 17:35:10 GMT
Reminds me of a story from an old-timer friend of mine.
This was back in the day of <shudder>text-based terminals</shudder>.
The company he worked for had a military contract to install bunch of terminals in an office
building at a local airbase.  A few days after the workers moved in, his company got a call
that something was wrong.  About every few seconds, every terminal would get a string of random
characters, each terminal getting a different string.  After puzzling over the problem for
a bit, he happened to look out the window and see the nearby radar dish sweep past the building
at the same time the "odd" characters appeared.  They checked a few random cables and found
that the installers had used unshielded cables to save a few pennies.  According to him, they
spent the weekend wrapping the major cable bundles in foil as a stop-gap until they could
come in and replace all the cables.

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> Caldarale, Charles R wrote:

> Since we must have by now exhausted all the normal  causes of such
> errors, maybe we should recommend
> a) a visual inspection of the systems, to see if there are any pinsize
> holes, or paint flaking off or so
> b) the installation of a surveilance camera, to check if the SegFaults
> are synchronous with any visible phenomenon (sparks, Cerenkow
> radiation,
> etc.)
> c) moving the systems to the basement ?

There's a story in a book I once read where a computer system crashed every morning around
the same time. No one could figure it out. Finally, the head of IS goes down to the computer
room at the expected time. In walks a maintenance man who comes in, opens the cabinet for
the computer, and plugs a floor polisher into a spare outlet in the cabinet. When the maintenance
man activates the polisher, boom, the system crashed.

When asked by his boss what the problem was, he told him it was a buffer problem.

I used to have a Novell server that would mysteriously reboot every few days. In my case,
the server was on the same circuit as a laser printer, and both were plugged into a Haworth
cubicle outlet. Periodically, load was too much and it would causes a server reboot. We brought
in another circuit NOT on the inadequate cubicle wiring system, and the problem went away.

George Sexton
MH Software, Inc.
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