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From "Steve Ryan" <>
Subject RE: w3wp randomly crashes when redirector is used
Date Wed, 03 Feb 2010 22:12:18 GMT
Hi Andre

Thanks for your reply.

W3wp.exe is the process which manages the application pool where the
redirector lives. 

I'm fairly confident the problem is due to the redirector because the crash
only occurs when the redirector is used. Also, there is an open bug (45063)
which appears to be a very similar issue.

I do of course accept the problem could lie at Microsoft's door though. :)

I guess I'm hoping someone has heard of this issue before, and knows of some
sort of workaround which doesn't involve using the "Local System" account.



-----Original Message-----
From: André Warnier [] 
Sent: 03 February 2010 21:58
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: w3wp randomly crashes when redirector is used

Steve Ryan wrote:
> My issue is due to Tomcat Connectors 1.2.28.
> Is there a more specific mailing list for such issues? The Tomcat
> website shows as the mailing list.
No. If your issue is indeed due to the Windows version of the mod_jk 
connector, then you are on the correct list.

I am far from the specialist on the Windows/jk side of things, but I am 
still puzzled however.
According to your explanation below, the application which crashes is 
something called "w3wp.exe".  This does not really sound like an 
application which lives under Java and Tomcat.
The jk redirector's function is to redirect (or rather "proxy") some 
HTTP requests from IIS to a back-end Tomcat, so that these requests are 
processed by a Tomcat-based application.  Conversely, the response from 
this Tomcat-based application is then returned through the jk 
redirector, back to IIS, and from there to the client.
What motivates my puzzlement is that, if w3wp.exe is really an 
application which lives under IIS and not Tomcat, then there does not 
seem to exist any reason why the jk redirector would have anything to do 
with it.

My knowledge being limited, there might well be something I am missing 
in all of this.

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