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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Socket Error in tomcat, white screen in browser
Date Fri, 12 Feb 2010 20:32:18 GMT
> From: millerKiller []
> Subject: RE: Socket Error in tomcat, white screen in browser

> The socket I showed before is the socket that Tomcat is using 
> when I open it.

That's not a socket, it's a connection.  So where are the other two ports Tomcat should also
be listening on?  There should be lines for 80 and 8009, for the same PID as the one on 8005.
 The Local Address for 80 and 8009 should be (or the IPv6 equivalent); if those aren't
present in the netstat -ano display, then Windows or some other security mechanism is preventing
their use, and you won't be able to access Tomcat.

> I am running tomcat through the loop back address.

Actually, you're not.  Since the <Connector> elements have no address attribute, Tomcat
should be listening on all IP addresses configured for the box, and netstat will show that
as (or the IPv6 equivalent).

> So it isn't a problem with sockets (IP addresses and port 
> numbers) as far as I can tell.

If 8005 is the only Tomcat port you're seeing in the netstat output, then it definitely *is*
a problem with ports.  (And don't confuse sockets with IP addresses and ports.)
> As far as this last comment, then I am aware that individual 
> projects have a webapp folder and the tomcat program has its
> own webapp.

That statement doesn't make sense.  Each webapp is normally deployed under the <Host>
appBase directory (default name is $CATALINA_BASE/webapps, although provisions exist for deploying
them elsewhere.  Tomcat does *not* have "its own webapp"; Tomcat uses whatever webapps it's
been told to use or discovers by their placement under the appBase directory.

> When you talk about Root webapp

I don't talk about "Root webapp"; the term is ROOT - as I said before, it is case-sensitive,
even on Windows.

> you are talking about the Tomcat one right?

No, I'm talking about whatever is deployed as ROOT.  That may be the one that came with the
Tomcat distribution, or it may be one that you've deployed in its place as the default webapp.

> What should be in this webapp folder?

There is no "webapp" folder; do you mean "webapps"?

> Here is what I have:
> Folders:
>   docs
>   examples
>   host-manager
>   manager
>   Root

That should be ROOT, not Root.  All of the above are part of the standard Tomcat distribution
(other than Root, unless you really did mean ROOT).

>   Standard-examples
> Files:
>   standard-examples.war

One of the above is wrong, since they must have the same casing.  I presume the .war file
is what you're building with Eclipse.

You're going to need to be a lot more careful with your use of upper and lower case - this
is critical.  Windows tends to make people sloppy.

 - Chuck

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