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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Active DataSource Connection count never decreasing with PostgreSQL
Date Wed, 03 Feb 2010 00:15:56 GMT
> From: Alexander Hartner []
> Subject: Re: Active DataSource Connection count never decreasing with
> PostgreSQL
> > Put this into either META-INF/context.xml within your WAR/webapp
> > directory, or into CATALINA_BASE/Catalina/[hostname]/ROOT.xml
> >
> > Remove the "path" and "docBase" attributes when you move the
> > <Context> element.
> I really like it that way as it allows me to configure what I need to
> in one central place without having to touch or expand the WAR file.

And it breaks things.  You are now getting double deployment, once under the name AddressBookServer
and once again as ROOT.  Do it the right way, by renaming your .war file to ROOT.war, and
placing the <Context> element in conf/Catalina/[host]/ROOT.xml - that also avoids having
to change the contents of the .war file.  (Note that Chris' suggesting was missing part of
the path.)  As Chris said, when you do that, remove the path and docBase attributes.

> This also works great for me. My database folder is relative the the
> startup script.

That's really asking for trouble.  A parser has complete freedom to ignore any .. entry in
a URL, so if it happens to be working now, you're extremely lucky, and there's no guarantee
it will work tomorrow.  The URL is *not* relative to any current directory, since it doesn't
target the file system per se.

 - Chuck

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