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From Farid Izem <>
Subject Apache / mod_proxy / Tomcat
Date Fri, 05 Feb 2010 22:11:58 GMT

I have setup an Apache Web Server in front of a Tomcat Web Container.
Basically, All request are handle by Apache and passed to Tomcat using
Apache is binded on the IP address of the computer, tomcat is binded
on localhost:8009
When i take a look at the tomcat manager, i see that a lot of Tomcat
Thread with the status keepalive from the same source IP address.

The main configuration of :
ProxyPass                 /webapp ajp://localhost:8009/webapps retry=30
ProxyPassReverse     /webapp ajp://localhost:8009/webapps

Would it be possible to free the connection from Apache Server to
Tomcat server ?
Netstat show a lot of established connections but there is not data sent.
How could we free these keepalive connections that are being
maintained between Apache and Tomcat.

i tryied
ProxyPass                 /webapp ajp://localhost:8009/webapps
retry=30 disablereuse=On
but this is not recognize.

Can anyone help me ?



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