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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: [OT] Tomcat dies suddenly
Date Wed, 17 Feb 2010 13:55:33 GMT
Carl wrote:
... I was thinking maybe Andre could do the same for my
> servers, you know, with his telepathy thingie and all.
You are confusing people.  The telepath on this list is Pid. He is 
particularly good at guessing the OS, JVM, Tomcat version etc.. of 
people who post here without specifying them.
Chuck is our resident servlet spec authority and general enforcer, with 
a special interest in memory allocation and GC issues.
Christopher is more into esoteric code-splitting stuff, with sidelines 
in alphabets, sessions and performance issues.  Then there is an 
assorted series of intermittent characters with various specialties.  We 
also have a couple of official buffoons.  And then of course there are 
Mark and Filip, the top gurus and fathers of us all, who sometimes 
condescend to offer their pearls of wisdom to us peons when we really 
stray off base. They are the ones who create the partition, we merely 
try to play the tune. As for me, I am just a spectator mostly, happiest 
when I get some not-too-technical tidbit which I think I can handle just 
with ze little grey cells, as a mythical compatriot of mine would say. 
They did not help too much in the present case though.  Apart from Mark 
and Filip, we all had rich uncles in America who left us their fortune, 
which explains why we can stick around here instead of doing any real work.

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