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From Steve Campisano <>
Subject Re: File does not exist error - public_html/
Date Sun, 14 Feb 2010 17:54:14 GMT
Yes, you are correct that the .do is part of struts.

However, this appears to be a setup issue with my site.

Again, I have this working in my testing environment.  It is only an 
issue after deployment to my web site.

Also note that is will work if I access the application in the following 

TestStrust1 is the folder I copied all of components to.

The above method will render the initial JSP and after entering the data 
on the form and hitting submit the success page returns completed with 
the input data provided on the form.

So this does work ....

It will not work however when I attempt to run it with

After I press the submit button I continue to get the following:


On 2/14/2010 10:50 AM, Ken Bowen wrote:
> I believe is part of what is provided or generated by 
> the Struts framework.  You're much more likely to find someone who can 
> help you with this on the struts mailing list.
> --Ken
> On Feb 14, 2010, at 10:21 AM, Steve Campisano wrote:
>> Thanks for replying .....
>> Yes, it is ugly I agree with that ..... but I'm just starting out  
>> ... small steps
>> Anyway, I figured I'd start off with something small and easy.
>> I did pass a few emails back and forth with the support staff but 
>> they pushed it back on me ...
>> They told me to talk with the developer ...... I laughed as I am the 
>> developer (Been writing code for 30+ years professionally ... 
>> mainframes).
>> It was kind of sad and funny in a way ..... these guys were in India 
>> somewhere and the broken English was a hilarious.  But they didn't 
>> help at all.
>> So I just figured it was very a simple thing ... I create a WEB-INF, 
>> populate it with all of the components that were in the directory on 
>> my home testing machine, and I'd be off and running.
>> But I can't get past the submit button .... It thinks for some reason 
>> it needs  This leads me to think the WEB-INF needs to 
>> be not only under the public_html directory but down further in 
>> another directory named for the app.  So then if I execute 
>> www.?.com\myApp\newArticle.jsp (where myApp is the name of the 
>> directory where the WEB-INF and all my other components are ..... 
>> that would work?
>> I'm just trying to trudge through this ..... but I wish those Rat 
>> B@stards in the support staff were more help ...... but what can you do
>> I do appreciate the help though .... any ideas and suggestions at 
>> this point woud be great ....
>> Thanks,
>> Steve
>> On 2/14/2010 9:55 AM, Pid wrote:
>>> On 14/02/2010 11:58, Steve Campisano wrote:
>>>> I have a new website that I'm using to bring my skills up to date and
>>>> I'm running into a file does not exist issue.
>>>> This is a very simple JSP/STRUTS application that I have working on my
>>>> home system using NetBeans 6.8 and TomCat 5.5.28. It is made up of a
>>>> couple of JSP pages and a STRUTS actionform and action. Very simple. A
>>>> form is displayed for the user to enter data into, a submit button is
>>>> pressed, and a new page is then rendered that displays the input 
>>>> entered
>>>> on the form.
>>> Tomcat != TomCat.  (Why does anyone think it's called TomCat?)
>>>> My execution starts via a JSP named, newArticle.jsp.
>>>> This renders a form (without issue) which has a few text fields 
>>>> that the
>>>> user enters data into and hits the submit button which calls 
>>>> <html:form
>>>> action="/addArticle">.
>>>> I am now expecting a success JSP to be rendered that displays the
>>>> information that was entered on the form.
>>>> What I'm getting is the following:
>>>> [Sat Feb 13 08:19:10 2010] [error] [client] File 
>>>> does not
>>>> exist: /home/w1smchdj/public_html/
>>>> The site I'm deploying to uses TomCat 5.5.25 and when I deploy to my
>>>> site I use CPANEL File Manager to copy the files individually rather
>>>> than dropping a WAR file in as they do not recommend dropping in a WAR
>>>> file.
>>> Sounds ugly.
>>>> I have copied the *.JSP files directly under the public_html folder of
>>>> the site and the remainder of the components are in the WEB-INF folder
>>>> directly under the public_html folder.
>>>> Again, this all works fine in my NetBeans / TomCat test at home.
>>>> I must not be deploying my components to the correct directory
>>>> structure? Or maybe I need to change my WEB.XML (which does not seem
>>>> right as this is testing fine in NetBean / TomCat at home).
>>>> Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
>>> Without seeing the server.xml, any application context.xml or 
>>> additional config, we're going to struggle to help you.
>>> You may well be better off asking the site's admins for support, if 
>>> you can't provide the above.
>>> p
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