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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Tomcat dies suddenly
Date Sun, 14 Feb 2010 11:58:03 GMT
On 13/02/2010 22:23, Carl wrote:
>> 5) not quite sure of this anymore, but it seems to happen also on
>> different JVMs, which would tend to rule out a problem with a
>> particular JVM port.
> No, I have only used Sun's 64 bit.  Started with 1.6.0_17 and am now
> using 1.6.0_18.

That is enough of a common factor in all of the failures that it worth
looking to see if changing it makes a difference.

I'd see if you get the same results with other JVMs. The ones I'd try are:
- Sun 32-bit 1.6.0_18 (see if 32/64 makes a difference)
- IBM 64-bit 1.6 SR7 (see if IBM/Sun makes a difference)
- Sun 64-bit 1.6.0_07 (see if an older JVM from before the large(ish)
changes in 1.6.0_10 makes a difference)


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