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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Socket Error in tomcat, white screen in browser
Date Fri, 12 Feb 2010 20:21:27 GMT
millerKiller wrote:
> I apologize, I put across my last post a little misleading.  The socket I
> showed before is the socket that Tomcat is using when I open it.  
>> Local Address             Foreign Address
>> -------------            ----------------
> I am running tomcat through the loop back address.  When I start the server
> then the above shows up in netstat -ano.    When I close the server then it
> goes away.  This means that the only program that is using this socket is
> the Tomcat that should be using it.  So it isn't a problem with sockets (IP
> addresses and port numbers) as far as I can tell.
>> BTW, a blank page in the browser is often the result of the ROOT webapp
> either not being present or >failing to deploy properly.  Make sure you have
> a ROOT webapp (case matters, even on Windows), and >check the logs for any
> deployment errors.
> As far as this last comment, then I am aware that individual projects have a
> webapp folder and the tomcat program has its own webapp.  When you talk
> about Root webapp, then you are talking about the Tomcat one right?   What
> should be in this webapp folder?  Here is what I have:
> Folders:
>   docs
>   examples
>   host-manager
>   manager

>   Root     <====  that should be ROOT, even under Windows

Re-read what Chuck wrote above.

As a matter of fact, re-read ALL the answers you have received, making 
sure that you do not read only half of them.
netstat -aon
not only shows you which ports are open/LISTENing, it also shows which 
process has them open.
With the Task Manager, you can see which program matches which process-id.

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