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From Mark Shifman <>
Subject jaxb unmarshal breaks after webapp redeploy
Date Wed, 10 Feb 2010 16:05:14 GMT
I have a webapp that unmarshalls xmls prior to storing in my database.

I have recently noted that after a redeploy, the unmarshalling of a dateTime element is null
the rest of the elements in my object seem to be unmarshalled fine.  If I restart tomcat things
seem to work again.

I created the classes for unmarshalling using the typical xjc stuff.

The webapp is running via struts 1.3.10 with tomcat 6.0.18, java version "1.6.0_07". It is
on linux 2.6.18-92.1.22.el5 via CentOS release 5.3 (Final).

I found one item on google where similar behavior occurred but there was no resolution.

Is this a known problem with jaxb unmarshalling that doesn't happen with newer versions of
java?(I think
jaxb2 is the one in java 1.6)

Is there something obvious I didn't close that could be leaking?

Is there some sneaky threading issue I am missing? (my unmarshaller is local to a method as

Any help would be appreciated.

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