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From Jan Van Besien <>
Subject Re: redeploying war files
Date Wed, 10 Feb 2010 10:39:37 GMT
Mark Thomas wrote:
> If you redeploy a WAR file while Tomcat is stopped you need to deleted
> the exploded directory as well.

Ok, thanks for clarifying that for me.

Can I safely delete the exploded files if tomcat is still running as 
well? In that case, I could do it always, without checking if tomcat is 

My use case is that we want to install war files packaged as rpms. The 
rpm simply puts the war file in the webapps directory, When a new rpm is 
installed, the rpm mechanism will remove the old war file and put a new 
war file in place, but will not cleanup the exploded directory. I can 
change my rpms to delete the exploded directory as well, but it would be 
more difficult if I have to add a script to my rpms to check if tomcat 
is running or not.

thanks again,
Jan Van Besien

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